Roamler goes Germany: About an app that became successful through human focus!

Roamler goes Germany: About an app that became successful through human focus!

Roamler goes Germany

About an app that became successful through human focus….

Actually, it was only a fun, little idea of the founders of Roamler, Wiggert and Martijn. Since several years, they were already working in the marketing area. Yet this idea would innovate this industry.

Roamler is a smartphone app, which anyone (anyone who got lucky to get an invitation code) can do tasks with which one can even make money. Let me give you an example: You are anyways going to the supermarket today to get your weekly groceries. You check the Roamler app and see that there is a Coca-Cola Check available in your supermarket. Thus you go to the supermarket take some pictures of the Coca –Cola shelf, answer some question, ….and you even earn some money while shopping around! Sounds interesting, right?

This is also what a lot of people thought when they heard about the idea for the first time. However everyone was wondering why the heck the users of Roamler would do this over and over again and still find the app exciting after some time?

Keyword: Human-Focus

Well, Martijn and Wiggert had already thought about that and came up with a brilliant solution (which would actually be one of the biggest innovative factors of their idea):

Behind the app are real people. So when you have taken pictures of the Coca-Cola shelf and submitted the task, there would not just be a message saying: Accepted. No!!!
Real people would review your task and give you personal feedback. In that way, the human stands in front for Roamler and humans and their actions are valued. Eventually, as a Roamler, one is even part of the international Roamler community, in which one can get in contact with other Roamlers and exchange ideas!

ATTENTION though! That’s not everything. As somebody who is working at Roamler (since a month now), I find it quite interesting that the human-focus is not only part of the app! It is also the general feeling when working in the company: people help out each other, people love to learn new things and are very enthusiastic about the Roamlers. Thus the whole organizational culture fits together with the product and it is not a feeling that is made but one that is „lived“ by the employees of Roamler!

Roamler also in Germany, now!

With Lena, Anna and Julianna I am working now since almost a month for setting up the German community. It is amazing to see how fast the community grows and how enthusiastic Roamlers (the users of Roamler) are about the app. Everyday we receive heart-warming emails from Roamlers who enjoy the app, especially because of the personal communication. Funnily, the enthusiasm is also coming from our side because while reviewing tasks, we receive some fun end joyful pics and comments from the Roamlers in Germany. Hence, the universal law of attraction is also working through an app: What you give is what you get!

At the moment, the Roamler Community is pretty stable and is growing fast. Tasks that needed one week to be completed are now completed within only several hours. It is amazing to see how technology can go hand in hand with the human, when keeping in mind that we are only human beings! And I actually believe that even though technology might change drastically in the next years, there is one thing that will stay the same: the human being! So it is not that we have to adapt to technology but technology has to adapt to the human beings!

Thank you for your time! If you have any questions, I am happy to hear your ideas:

How to become a Roamler?

If you are interested to test the app yourself, there are still a few spots left – although places are limited. Download the app from the AppStore or  Google Play Store and use the code: GoDeutschland! to register. First come, first serve! Have fun!

Corrinne Buschhüter
Corinne Buschhüter

Written by Corinne Buschhüter