My Reading List: Cross-National Accelerator Ecosystems

My Reading List: Cross-National Accelerator Ecosystems

When looking for new authors and articles for this blog we always think about what could help to improve your startup and yourself. A new section we thought about was providing you with reading tips and hints, which will answer questions about startup life and experiences.

Starting off  I want to give you insights about a book I just finished writing myself, being called: “Cross-National Accelerator Ecosystems – How to sped up entrepreneurial ecosystems globally”. Why I think it could be important for you? As we see more and more startups are looking for startup accelerators to differentiate themselves from the rest and in order to speed up their business globally, we also recognize that this segment is rather difficult to comprehend and rate in terms of quality. Multiple accelerator programs are raising up and therewith it becomes obscure which programs really add value. Hence, this book can be seen as a guide in assessing how such a program is structured, what to look for, and what you can get out of an accelerator.

The book explores the essential traits for building a cross-national accelerator ecosystems, stating which parties are being involved, and how they can add value to your business. You will receive an objective view explaining the role of corporate partners, former entrepreneurs, investors, sponsors and mentors within the program. The book is built up on interviews with all of these participants, and gives you a great practical but objective perspective what to expect. However, the book is focused on accelerators in general meaning that certain programs in particular are not going to be assessed. On the other hand this brings the advantage that you will be familiarized with overall applicable strategies and tactics to deal with the program and the people involved.

Often, when I was talking to the Startupbootcamp Class’13 I heard: “Well, before I joined I had a blurry idea what to expect, but no real insights of what an accelerator is”. Well this book is the solution and provides you with the exact structure and insight views of the program. So if you are interested in purchasing this book you can find it here.

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Over the coming weeks we want to provide you with more literature worth reading. Sadly, we have not enough time to read all of it ourselves – so if you have a cool book, which you think is worth mentioning, feel free to contact us.


Written by Philipp Thomaschewski

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