Healthrevolution: How to make a change in the health and nutrition industry

Healthrevolution: How to make a change in the health and nutrition industry

Making a change in the health industry

Hi, my name is Hendrik Vlaanderen, and I am one of the three co-founders of Healthrevolution. Before starting the company I mainly work as the web developer & designer. We came up with the concept while completing our Masters in Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam over one year  ago.

Back in the days we had little interest in working for a large company, but a great interest for entrepreneurship. So we begun to involve ourselves in the startup community in Amsterdam, meet new and open minded people, wanted to make a change. In the end all of us met together at the most awesome entrepreneurial event in the market: StartupWeekend in Groningen. Here we got in touch with some great entrepreneurs, mentors and got motivated and enthused to start our journey with Healthrevolution.

The real story behind Healthrevolution

This is my version of the story behind Healthrevolution: many nights  of coding & hacking, an un-proven concept, and a lot of coffee. At the early stage, we went through the idea development and prototyping concept just within 48 hours during the Groningen Startup Weekend, which in the laid out the foundation for our further progress. While developing the concept, we had to learn most of the basics in entrepreneurship ourselves: starting lean, building a prototype, recruiting a great team, starting to enter the market – and also realize how hard it would be to make a profit. In the final investors pitch unfortunately we didn´t win the first prize, but all of us were that enthusiastic about the idea, vision and influence Healthrevolution could make to society, that we decided to continue afterwards.

With our solution we help people to calculate their gap in vitamins and minerals online, without any efforts and circumstance. That way they don´t have to put enormous time and efforts to make an appointment and go to the nutritionist and doctor. After filling out our questionnaire, our algorithms provide personalized health and nutrition recommendation, which helps our users to identify their gaps and needs. The concept of online health recommendations is quite a new phenomenon, so that we had to adapt and proof the concept within the market.

There we go, we had the perfect mixture to start: true motivation, a diverse team, a technological prototype… We hacked together a website, a personalized recommendation system, and adapted known nutrition facts to our needs with the help of a great nutritionist (Sergio Daró). The recommendation system is known as the “formula”, and gives users a customized solution to their current lifestyle and nutrition intake. Based on the formula, users will get a product mix of natural superfoods that contains the necessary nutrients.

At the mean time the we were looking for partners, improving the marketing, and creating buzz, working on legal matters, and tasting the superfoods to create the best mixes. While we were hacking together a website, we learned our way into web development. We had no real background in web development besides my freelance activities, only a slight idea of what design looks like, and also little clue about WordPress functionalities.

What Healthrevolution is all about

Nevertheless, with great support of the team, we were always able to move and think forward, trying to complete our self-created deadlines. This is something that is essential, the team just gives you that extra little push that you sometimes (or often) miss when you’re on your own. We really learned to listen to our customers, mentors and advisors in order to make the concept a bit better.

Now we are at a point at which we have a functional personalized health recommendation, a multi-lingual website, a growing group of followers, steady visitors, some great connections in the healthy food segment, and of course three people that are committed to make Healthrevolution work!

If you are interested in our concept, visit our website  and make a free & personalized health test! We are curious about your feedback and any improvement points you have ;)

Hendrik Vlaanderen

Hendrik Vlaanderen

Co-founder Healthrevolution

Written by Hendrik Vlaanderen