What is the best SEO Content Strategy?

What is the best SEO Content Strategy?

Does Content SEO really work?

No doubt – there are millions of ideas how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should work. It probably would be easy, if there weren’t Googles’ best friends Penguin and Panda. Those to names are the code words of the famous Google Updates, that fight “link spam” and “bad content quality”. That’s the reason why we are testing Content SEO – our strategy to get ahead in search almost without active link building.

What are the main rules we believe about SEO?

  • Search engines are like humans. In order to be liked by them, we have to communicate as well.

  • We have to give good quality of information: which is relevant, interesting, exciting or lovely.

  • We have to grow: who wants to talk about the same stuff every day?

  • We need to be efficient: Don’t around the hot stuff!

But how can a simple website do all this positive human skills? How can we start to be interesting without anyone knowing about it? Find below 5 best practice insights that I had to learn the hard way mayself:

1. Find your target content

What is the most interesting thing you have to communicate to your audience? It sounds trivial but put this information on your front page. It’s important to know, that your first page is the most powerful page of your whole website. If your are ranking on first place in Google with your Target Keyword, all other sites will follow more easily. Try to discover any relevant content that is associated with your keyword. Sometimes it’s hard, because it might fit different target groups, but your site should be helpful to most people if you want to be on the top.

2. Put in great structured content

We all know websites with thousand words in a row. Provide short sentences and some great pieces of structured content like

  • Lists,

  • Tables,

  • Infographics

  • Pictures.

Don’t be scared about long content that has to be scrolled. Just be interesting at every piece and users will love it. Structured content shows, that you put in some work to aggregate knowledge.

3. Be interesting every day

One trick I use to be interesting every day: changing information on the top of every important site. It’s quite smart to combine news stories or temporary information with share buttons. By putting shareable content on the top of your page, it will guarantee that people will share the same site over and over again. Use less like-buttons, because once they are clicked,  there won’t be a second chance to share your website. This idea comes from our idea about content efficiency.

4. Content efficiency

Content efficiency in our eyes is the number of keywords you rank with one single subdomain of your whole websites. If you have 10 important keywords you are ranking with in Googles’ Top 10 and you have 20 Content Pages, your efficiency-level is at 50%. That’s why I write great content that fits many keywords and put them in the title-tag of the site. The title “Buy Shoes Online” could rank with “shoes”, “buy shoes”, “shoes online” and “buy shoes online”. If you do rank with all four combinations, that would be an efficiency of 400%. I put up new content sites only when I see a great chance to hit a Top 10-ranking with at least one keyword in order to keep a high efficiency rate.

5. Content Updates

Don’t publish you content all at once. Google loves freshness und loves to crawl your website more often, if you provide new content every time. It should be enough to offer just a little bit more content as your competitors. Find a content-rhythm, Google can rely on. I try to update my important sites at least weekly, so I find out the result of it before posting new stuff. Find out which content type helps most at your project by simply testing.

Last but not least: Have fun

Producing great content should be fun! We are testing our ideas with internal SEO Challenges like the Vuigas Challenge. Only employees of our company are accepted to participate and the winner will receive a 600 Euro travel coupon to anywhere she or he wants to go.  You can’t lose with your website by creating awesome content. Bad backlinks or any other “black hat SEO methods” instead can hurt you really bad. So start trying updating your content on a regular basis and feed the difference.

Gero Gode

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