5 Things You Are Good At (That Could Help Other Entrepreneurs)

5 Things You Are Good At (That Could Help Other Entrepreneurs)

Mostly, when I talk to young entrepreneurs who are just starting out I hear things like “I don’t have enough experience,… how could I help anybody?”. Well, here is the thing about helping others: The way you BEHAVE is more important than the knowledge you can pass on.

Every entrepreneur knows how lonely the journey can be. It is amazing how even the simplest of contributions can make a huge difference in somebody else´s life. In this article I draw from my experience at EYES, the Emerging Young Entrepreneurs Society, where extraordinary individuals come together from around the globe, to share and connect under an umbrella of trust and shared values. No matter what your level of experience, YOU can be good at these 5 things and you can help others on their journey to success:

1. Motivate (pass on optimism and a can-do attitude)
Motivation is the single most important thing you can give to any starting entrepreneur. The motivation for your project is what gets you up in the morning and it is what will get you through difficult times. Motivate people when you talk to them. They will be grateful for it every day.

2. Tell your story
Do you know anything in more detail than your own story? Right… so share it! Everyone has got something to say about how he got from where he was, to where is. And by the way, that story might not be a glorious one. But be sure that everyone can learn and be inspired by your story.

3. Offer your help
I am always surprised, by how rarely people say “Let me know if I can help” or simply “How can I help?”. How many times have you offered your help and someone ended up really asking you for help? Not very often right? However, almost 100% of the time people positively receive your offer, respect you for it, and feel safer because they now know someone who wants to help them. Conclusion: You already help by offering your help. Make it a routine.

4. Connect people
If you are able to connect two friends of yours, then you raise your own value and you create value for them. Did you ever get anything done without anybody else? If you are like most people, then you probably didn’t. It can generate a deal, an investment offer or just a really good new friend. Look into your network and see who you can connect. It is fast and effective. And yes, you know people others don’t know. All you need to do is connect them.

5. Ask Questions

Too many people ignore this most important skill of asking questions. Here are a couple of reasons why you should always ask questions: a) You show interest, which gets you emotionally closer to the other person, b) the person you are asking can prove that she knows the answer, thereby feeling good about her project, c) you learn more about the person and the project, which help you connect her better with others, d) you might just happen to ask the right question that will trigger the right thought and a new idea will have emerged!

If you follow the above, you will definitely be a pleasant person to be with, you will help others and it will in turn help you. And don’t forget: Feel free to contact me and let me know if I can be of any help.

Chris Kober


About Chris:

In everything Chris does, he believes in creating meaningful and enduring value. He is currently involved in a project to equip the next generation with the right set of leadership skills.  At FolienKnecht he helps customers achieve their goals by means of extraordinary presentations (PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote). Chris is the creator of PreziDay Europe, and he is also a proud Member and Chairman of EYES International, an organisation that brings together young emerging enrepreneurs from around the world, who share the same values and ambitions in their lives, who want to inspire, create and excel.

Chris has previously chaired the Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing Business Trip to Mumbai, India, during his time at the Rotterdam School of Management. He has also co-founded the Social Fashion Label CoverBee, started Bennet Languages, and organised the Oktoberfest-Bus in his free time for his friends.

Chris holds two Master degrees, one in Physics from Oxford University, and the other in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Management from the Rotterdam School of Management.


Written by Christopher Kober

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